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Global Cargo is a clearing company. We clear all kinds of cargo commodities. Frozen and Dry. By frozen we mean meat products that are preserved through freezing whiles dry commodities falls in the category of vegetable cooking oil, margarine, soaps, monosodium, and any other commodity that is not preserved through freezing. Years of experience and good relationship with Ghana Customs, Excise & Preventive Service (CEPS) makes clearing enjoyable at Global Cargo. With Global Cargo you are assured of early delivery of consignment at your door post. This is all possible because we are well familiar with shipping line regulations and procedures. We also give counseling in shipping methods to avoid delay of arrival of goods. Global Cargo clears for corporate and private organizations.

Haulage & Transport

Haulage or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from the Latin trans (“across”) and portare (“to carry”). Global Cargo has adequate trucks in the port of Tema that facilitate quick and easy discharging of vessels in the port of Tema. Among the shipping agency in Tema, Global Cargo is the best in the industry by providing equipment, actual transport, transport of people or goods and services used in transport of goods or people make up a large broad and import sector of most national economies.


The field of transport has several aspects; loosely they can be divided into a kind of infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. Infrastructure includes the transport networks (roads, railways, airways, waterways, canals, pipelines, etc.) that are used, as well as the nodes or terminals (such as airports, railway stations, bus stations and seaports). The vehicles generally ride on the networks, such as automobiles, bicycles, buses, trains, and aircrafts. The operations deal with the way the vehicles are operated on the network and the procedures set for this purpose including the legal environment (Laws, Codes, Regulations, etc.) Policies, such as how to finance the system (for e.g. the use of tolls or gasoline taxes) may be considered part of the operations. Without exception Global Cargo & Comm. Ltd. also engages in AIR TRANSPORTATION as well. Our team at the Ghana International Airport also known as KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL airport are well trained and highly efficient in their day-to-day activities and operations where clients are concerned. With the current renovation of Ghana Railways Services, the company has made ample provisions to meet the demand when it finally gets started.


Transport and communication are both substitutes and complements. Though it might be possible that sufficiently advanced communication could substitute for transport, one could use telegraph, telephone, fax, or email a customer rather than visiting them in person. We at Global Cargo believes that those modes of commutation in fact generates more total interactions, including interpersonal interactions hence the provision of these facilities which enables as employees to work more effective and efficiently beyond our competitors. We believe that the growth in transport would be impossible without communication, which is vital for advanced transportation systems, from railroads which want to run trains in two directions on a single track, to air traffic control which requires knowing the location of aircraft in the sky. Thus, it has been found that the increase of one generally leads to more of the other. GCCL believes more in communication without a moment hesitation.


Shipping is basic process of transporting goods and cargo. Virtually every product ever made, bought, or sold has been affected by shipping. Despite the many variables in shipped products and locations, there are only three basic types of shipments: Land, Air, and Sea. Land or “ground” shipping can be either by train or by truck. Trucking is easily the most popular form of shipping. Even in Air and Sea shipments, ground transportation is still required to take the product from its origin to the airport or seaport and then to its destination. Global Cargo & Comm. Ltd. believes that ground transportation is typically more affordable than air shipments, but more expensive than shipping by sea. This is because trucks are much faster than ships and rail but slower than planes. Global Cargo can boast of vans and trucks of all sizes that make deliveries to sea ports and air ports where freight is moved in bulk also as well as take freight directly from the shipper to its destination in what is known as “a door to door” shipment. Global Cargo confidently boasts of dedicated service to all clients whether existing or yet be clients. Global Cargo also give counseling on shipping management procedures since we believe that ground shipping can be cheaper and less restrictive to size, quality, weight, and type of freight than by air transport. Air transport is usually reserved for products which must be sent within a shorter time frame. Some carriers offer ground shipping that operates on an exact timeline as air does. This is a recent development becoming mainstream among major carriers since the 1990s. Shipping can more generally refer to the transport of freight independent of the mode of transport.


Various billing methods are used in the shipping industry, including:

Freight on Board (FOB): free on board and means that the exporter delivers the goods at the specified location. Example, FOB Tema Port (the exporter delivers the goods at Tema Port, Ghana). Cost and Freight (C & F, CFR, and CNF): With no insurance. The exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to the specified location. Example, C&F Tema port (the exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to Tema port, Ghana) Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF): Insurance and Freight are all paid by the exporter to the specified location. Example, CIF Los Angeles (the exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to Los Angeles including the insurance).



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